KIDS 15 Sticks Pouch

Hand rolled, flora batthi, milky, creamy note fragrances. First co to launch a brand in the name of kid's and exclusively for kids. All the kids can become possessive of this batthi, since it has been named after them. For elders the best way to pass the tradition to next generation.


  • Product Name KIDS 15 Sticks Pouch<
  • Product Code : C832
  • EAN Code :8906007602044
  • Fragrance :Milky, Creamy
  • No of Sticks :15 Sticks
  • Tube Weight :......
  • Standard Packing :12 Dozen per case
  • Volume of the CB (MM) :460L x 295W x 140H
  • Weight of CB :6.00 kg

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