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Vividha Vijay Bharath Box

3in1 Big Saver pack

Embrace the ethereal aroma of the divine Sandalwood.

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Introducing the VIJAY BHARATH 3-IN-1 PREMIUM BIG SAVER PACK. A curated selection of our most cherished Agarbattis - Ullas Max, Prabudh Bharath, and Vijay Bharath - assembled to enrich your daily rituals and meditation practices. Experience the divine through the mesmerising aromas that fill your surroundings, providing a scent for every mood and occasion.

ULLAS MAX (100g):

Invoke serenity and warmth with ULLAS MAX, a heavenly scent crafted from various naturally sourced flowers, including Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Lavender. With moderately floral notes and a top note of natural flowers, Ullas Max is a perfect companion for your morning prayers.

Scent Profile: Moderately Floral with a top note of various natural flowers like Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Lavender.


Allow the enchanting scent of PRABUDH BHARATH to transport you to a state of spiritual peace. With its light woody notes and a top note of musk, this Agarbatti is a divine accessory to your spiritual practice, providing a tranquil atmosphere ideal for meditation and relaxation.

Scent Profile: Light woody notes with a top note of musk.


Elevate your worship rituals with the ethereal aroma of VIVIDHA VIJAY BHARATH Agarbathi. The divine fragrance of the Sandalwood flower transports you to a realm of purity and enlightenment, creating a serene ambiance perfect for spiritual practices.

Light floral notes with a lasting top note of Jasmine.
This calming fragrance, created with Sandalwood, creates a serene environment for your prayers.

- Morning and Evening Prayers
- Meditation
- Yoga

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