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Ullas Organico Copal Agarbathi - Incense Sticks with Floral Fragrance (40 sticks)

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40 Sticks
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Step into an ancient world with our Copal Handmade Sticks. Crafted with reverence, these sticks embody the sacred essence of copal resin, used by Mayans and Aztecs in meditative rituals. Known for purifying properties and connecting the physical with the spiritual, copal emits a light, woody aroma with hints of citrus and pine, ideal for deep meditation and spiritual growth.

     Fragrances: Immerse yourself in the soothing aroma of citrus and pine.

     Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic: Ullas Agarbathies are crafted to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, emitting positive energy.

     Perfect for Meditation: These 9-inch sticks ensure premium burning quality, ideal for reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity. They come elegantly packaged for your convenience.

     Creates Luxurious Ambiance: Ideal for any space, these agarbathies help create a luxurious ambiance.

Fragrance note Woody, Citrus
Burning time Approximately 60 min
Length 22.5 cm


Does Ullas Agarbatti contain harmful chemicals?

No, Ullas Agarbatti does not contain any harmful chemicals. They are made using natural ingredients to ensure a safe and pleasant aromatic experience.

What are the ingredients used in Ullas Agarbatti?

Ullas Agarbatti is crafted using a blend of natural ingredients. These typically include a binding material like charcoal or wood powder, and a variety of natural elements for fragrance.

Is Ullas Agarbatti safe to use indoors?

Yes, Ullas Agarbatti is safe to use indoors. It is made of natural ingredients and does not produce harmful smoke. However, as with any incense, it should be used in a well-ventilated area and kept out of reach from children and pets.

Does Ullas Agarbatti cause any allergic reactions?

Ullas Agarbatti is made from natural ingredients and is generally safe for most people. However, individuals with sensitivities or allergies to specific fragrances or plant compounds should use it with caution. If any allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, or difficulty breathing occur, discontinue use immediately.

How is the smoke produced by Ullas Agarbatti? Is it harmful?

The smoke produced by Ullas Agarbatti is a result of the natural ingredients burning slowly on the base. This smoke is generally not harmful and adds to the aromatic experience. However, as with any form of smoke, it's best to ensure adequate ventilation when burning the agarbatti to avoid any potential irritation or discomfort.